Silver Cyclists search engine for bookable offers is live!

Developed through the Silver Cyclists project, the website now features a search engine for bookable offers. This search engine allows you to search for specific cycling offers along EuroVelo routes.

The new official EuroVelo search engine for bookable offers encloses all the cycling related bookable offers present on the website, as well as the different route sub-sites. The search engine lets you search by criteria the offer that fits you best: country, EuroVelo route, duration, price, difficulty, profile, bike type and guided/individual tours as well. By moving the criteria to your own preferences, you should find the ideal vacation package by bike, with an unforgettable experience during your next holidays. And with a growing number of bookable offers submitted by our partners, there should be something for everyone.

Furthermore, having been developed through the SilverCyclists project, the search engine also includes offers specifically designed for Silver Cyclists, with offers adapted to their needs and preferences. Shorter stages compared to other tours and a flat road are just some examples on how these offers target Silver Cyclists specifically. Each of these offers are marked with a little SilverCyclists logo and are therefore easily recognisable.

From an easy bike tour, adapted to Silver Cyclists, from Mainz to Bonn along the EuroVelo 15 – Rhine Cycle Route, a cycle tour along the Latvian coast to a 9 days-long tour from Cologne to Rotterdam, each type of cyclist should find what he is looking for!

EuroVelo seach engine